Friday, November 16, 2007


Don’t lie to me please
about anything big, about anything
else. I’d rather know what was destroyed
than have you lie
because that’s more destructive.

Don’t lie about love,
something you feel or something you’d
like to feel. I’d rather
be sad than have you lie
because that’s sadder.

Don’t lie about danger
because I know your fears
and if I don’t trust what I know
you’ll be a stranger
and that’s more dangerous.

Don’t lie to me about sickness,
I’d rather look into that pit
than lose myself in one
of your sweet placations
because I’d lose myself more.

Don’t lie to me about dying
because as long as we’re here
I find that blocked
unsharing of thoughts
worse and much more dead.

Judith Herzberg (1934-)

tradução de Shirley Kaufman e Judith Herzberg,
in But What: Selected Poems (Oberlin College Press, 1998)

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